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Council to Implement Phase 1 Traffic Calming on Kendal Avenue

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In May 2012, Council has directed Village staff to implement Phase 1 traffic calming measures for Kendal Avenue. Phase 1 measures include

  • organizing Speed Watch program and/or mobile radar board,
  • assisting with up to three neighbourhood meetings to initiate the speed watch program, monitor activities, and assess results,
  • posting a maximum 30 km p/h speed limit and “Children Playing” signage on streeets in the Coal Valley Phase 2 and Phase 3 subdivisions,
  • distributing a neighbourhood flyer outlining traffic calminng needed and why,
  • providing 30 km p/h signs for homeowners to post on private property, if so desired

If Phase 1 measures do not proove to be effective, staff will provide Council with recommendations for implementing additional measures, including speed humps.

Council also adopted a polity to require consideration of traffic calming measures in the developers’ traffic analysis report for new developments where warranted.

As of the end of September 2012, staff are continuing to work on Phase 1 traffic calming measures with residents on Kendal Avenue.

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