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Fire North of Cumberland Being Mopped Up

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The fire that burned Sunday night north of the Cumberland Village core is now being mopped up by Hancock Timber Resource crews.

While Cumberland fire suppression crews are no longer at the site, the fire department continues to monitor and assess the site as well as other slash fire sites within Village boundaries. Hancock also has security on site.

It is estimated that about fifty acres of forest land was burned by the fire which was located approximately 2 km from the Village’s core residential area. The fire was located northeast of Bevan Road and was burning towards the highway and not towards the Village core.

Hancock was burning slash piles in October with permission from the Village in order to reduce the risk of forest fires during the hot dry summer months. Fall is typically a good time for this type of burning with the expected wet weather, however with the dry weather continuing into the end of October some of the slash piles reignited.

Further slash pile burning will not take place until the ground is wetter after the fall rains eventually arrive.

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