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Heritage Commission

This page was last reviewed on January 4, 2019.

Terms of Reference

Cumberland’s Heritage Commission is tasked with

  • working with staff and consultants in developing a heritage registry for Council’s consideration;
  • reviewing and making recommendations on development applications within any Heritage Conservation Area (HCA) or Heritage Revitalization Development Permit Areas through a referral form provided by Village staff;
  • advising Council on matters referred to it by Council;

View the Heritage Commission Bylaw and Terms of Reference. Cumberland developed a new Heritage Management Plan in 2016.

2019 Meetings

The Heritage Commission normally meets the first Monday of each month. View meeting agendas and minutes.

February 4, 2019


  • Paul Laronde
  • Meaghan Cursons
  • Gwyn Sproule, Councillor
  • Jesse Ketler, Councillor (alternate)

Council may appoint up to twelve members to the Commission which will meet monthly at least ten times a year. Apply to be a member of the Heritage Commission.

Heritage Conservation: A Community Guide

The BC Heritage Branch’s Heritage Conservation: A Community Guide provides general and specific information about heritage conservation legislation in British Columbia. General parts of this guide include information on planning for heritage conservation, new terms used in the legislation, principles of heritage conservation, highlights for local government, and a reference list of other recommended reading.

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