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How to create your ActiveNet account

This page was last reviewed on April 25, 2024.

Everyone who wishes to register for programs or activities will need to create a account within ActiveNet. If you are also registering family members, set up your own account first and then follow these instructions to add family members to your account.

In order to expedite the registration process, we recommend you set up your account before registration. Here’s how . . .

Step 1:

Go to and click the button that says “REGISTER FOR PROGRAMS / FITNESS STUDIO.” This will take you to our ActiveNet registration system.

Step 2:

Click “Create an Account” in the top-right

Step Three:

Enter your email address and then follow the rest of the prompts to create a password, enter contact information, etc. (If you get a message saying your email address is already associated with an account, it may mean that our staff has already created an account for you in order to transfer a membership, 10-pass or credit. Click “Forgot Your Password?” This will trigger an email allowing you to choose a “new” password.

Step 4:

Open the email you receive with the subject “New Account Activation” and click “Activate Now.” This will complete your account set-up and take you to your account dashboard. (If you already had an account and simply reset your password then you won’t get this email and you’ll already be ready to go.)

Adding family members to your account

If you’re adding family members, such as dependent children, to your account, first follow the steps above to create and activate your own account. This will take you to your account dashboard, where you can . . .

1. Click “Manage Family Member”

2. Click “Add Family Member”


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