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Public Hearing


March 1, 2021: New! A summary of the proposed amendments has been added at the end of this page.

An online public hearing is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March, 2, 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic this public hearing will be held by online video conferencing.

Watch Live on Youtube.

Find information below on how to attend the online public hearing and how to make submissions. If you do not register in advance to attend, you can submit comments before and during the public hearing by email to Submissions by email during the public hearing will be read out during the public hearing. Submissions will not be accepted after the close of the public hearing.

The general intent of this bylaw is to make housekeeping and regulatory amendments to Zoning Bylaw No. 1027, 2016.

This includes clarification of a few definitions and regulations, addition of new definitions, and corrections to the Zoning Bylaw map. In addition to housekeeping amendments, Bylaw No. 1133 includes regulations to restrict water and beverage bottling in all zones and permit beekeeping in additional zones. Further, Bylaw No. 1133 implements recommendations from the Village’s 2020 Child Care Inventory and Space Creation Action Plan. Bylaw No. 1133 amends the parking regulations in the VCMU-1 – Village Core Commercial Mixed Use zone, including an increase to the parking cash-in-lieu amount in that zone from $3,800 to $10,000 and a limit on the option to pay parking cash-in-lieu to no more than 30 percent of residential parking requirements.

Get More Information

Public Hearing Package (published Feb 17 2021)

Public Hearing Package Addendum #1: Public Submissions (published March 1 2021)

This package includes the proposed bylaw and related information. Call 250-336-2291 to arrange for a printed copy.

Watch for any supplemental information, including public submissions, to be posted here.

Make a Submission

All persons who believe their interest in property is affected by the proposed bylaw will be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard or to present written submissions.

  1. Written Submission: Send in written submissions before the start of the public hearing by email to or to the Village Office at 2673 Dunsmuir Avenue, Box 340, Cumberland BC V0R 1S0 and during the public hearing by email to
  2. Register to Speak Live by Telephone: Register by 2 p.m. on March 2, 2021 by calling 250-336-2291. You will be given a phone number and instructions on how to join the live public hearing.
  3. Register to Speak Live by Video Conferencing: Register by 2 p.m. on March 2, 2021 by email to You will need a webcam and microphone to participate.

Submissions will not be accepted after the close of the public hearing. All submissions will become part of the public record.

New! Summary of Amendments – For Convenience

(See Bylaw No. Zoning Amendment Bylaw 1133, 2020 for amendments to Zoning Bylaw No, 1027, 2016)

Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1133, 2020 amends Cumberland’s current Zoning Bylaw No. 1027, 2016 in order to add or amend definitions:

  1. Add definitions for apartment, breezeway, daycare in-home, and nuc (a small nucleus bee colony), residential unit.
  2. Amends definitions for:
    • agricultural use to include beekeeping;
    • Bicycle Parking Stall – Class 1 to specify that this type of bicycle parking is for long-term bicycle parking needs for residents or employees
    • community care facility to make the definition consistent with the provincial definition in teh Community Care and Assisted Living Act
    • day care to correspond to the requirements of the Community Care and Assisted Living Act
    • Gross floor area to change the measurement to the inside of common walls (rather than the centre as that is difficult to determine)
    • hostel to specify that hostels are for the travelling public and that the hostel is staffed (to distinguish it from vacation rentals)
    • hotel to specify that hotels are for the travelling public and are staffed (to distinguish them from vacation rentals)
    • motel hotel to specify that motels are for the travelling public and are staffed (to distinguish them from vacation rentals)
    • institutional use to specifically include day-care
    • lot coverage to specify that lot coverage is measured to the outside of walls, that covered patios and decks and patios and decks over 0.6 m high are included in lot coverage
    • manufactured home to reflect the definition in the Village’s Manufactured Home Bylaw
    • renewable resource processing to exclude wholesaling of water and water bottling plants.

Bylaw No. 1133 also amends the Zoning Bylaw to update regulations to:

  1. Prohibit water and beverage bottling in all zones, except where the source is the municipal water supply supplied directly to the property where the bottling takes place.
  2. Replace the sight triangle diagram to measure sight clearance at intersections from the edge of pavement rather than from the property line.
  3. Prohibit accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and secondary suites to be joined to the principal dwelling by a breezeway. This is to ensure the ADUs follow the height restrictions for the ADU rather than for the principle dwelling and to ensure secondary suites are distinguishable from ADUs.
  4. Specify that the required 1.5 m clearance for emergency access past the principal building to the ADU in the backyard is not fenced off or has a gate that is accessible at all times with an opening of no less than 1.5 m width
  5. Specify that Accessory Dwelling units cannot be subdivided from the property of which they are a part under the Strata Property Act.
  6. Update permitted home occupations to permit an office in a dwelling unit on the same lot as a commercial use, change dog grooming to pet grooming, specify that pet grooming does not include pet daycare or boarding, change daycare to in-home day-care, change the minimum required outdoor activity space for children in a daycare to that specified by provincial legislation.
  7. Clarify that the mobile vending regulations include the vending of goods by changing the title of that regulation from “retail mobile food vending” to “mobile vending” and allow for mobile food vendors to be located closer than 30 metres to a food primary establishment with written permission of the establishment.
  8. in addition to two hives with colonies, also permit two nucs on each lot.
  9. Specify that a roadside stand is to be operated by a sole vendor for the sale of agricultural or horticultural products grown on the same property.
  10. Edit subsection (g) to clarify that the keeping of hens is permitted on lots smaller than 0.4 hectares.
  11. Permit rooftop beekeeping as part of market gardens, in the VCMU-1 zone.
  12. Permit on-site sales of honey and honey bee products, in addition to fruits, vegetables and edible plants within road side stands.
  13. Increase the parking cash-in-lieu amount in the VCMU-1 zone (Cumberland’s commercial downtown core) from $3,800 to $10,000. It remains $3,800 in all other zones.
  14. Owners in the VCMU-1 may pay $10,000 cash in lieu per parking stall required for commercial uses and may pay $10,000 cash-in-lieu for up to 30 percent of the required parking spaces for residential uses. All other parking requirements for residential uses have to be met on the property.
  15. Increase the parking cash-in-lieu amounts for parking spaces for people with disabilities from $5,560 to $11,760, for electric vehicles from $18,700 to $24,900 and for pregnant women and persons with young children from $3,800 to $11,760.
  16. Delete the option to pay parking cash-in-lieu for RVs and tour buses as the Village is not able to provide those types of spaces.
  17. Include ‘place of worship’ as a use in the parking tables and require the same number of parking spaces as for community/meeting hall, that is, one parking space for every 8 seats.
  18. Add ‘apartment’ as a use in the parking requirements for the VCMU-1 zone with the requirements being the same as in other zones that permit apartments.
  19. Change the parking requirement for home occupations from a requirement based on gross floor area to a requirement based on employees and pupils.
  20. Clarify in the parking tables that the parking requirement for day cares are the same for children and adult day cares.
  21. Specify that Class 2 Bicycle parking stalls can be on graveled areas or on landscape pavers in addition to other hard surfaces.
  22. Makes corrections to the R-4 Carlisle Lane Zone to delete duplications between the regulations in that zone and those in the section on Accessory Dwelling Units.
  23. Include a drawing in the RM-3 and Mu-1 zones to illustrate the required setback for garages.
  24. Delete repetitive wording in the C-2 Village Entry Commercial Zone.
  25. Delete ‘apartment’ as a principal use in the VCMU-1 and add it as an accessory use to the commercial principal uses. Also add ‘residential unit’ as an accessory use.
  26. Specify that residential dwelling units shall be located above or to the rear of commercial uses in the VCMU-1.
  27. Notwithstanding the above, only permit residential units on the ground floor to the rear of the commercial units in the VCMU-1 zone if all parking requirements can be met on site.

Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1133, 2020 corrects or updates to the Zoning Bylaw map to:

  1. Centre zone labels within the zone polygons as some labels showed partially on an adjacent zone. Delete the layer that shows driveways as white (which suggests they’re not encompassed in the zone).
  2. Show the six metre wide trail corridor south of the Stoneleigh multi-family development as PA-2 – Park;
  3. Show the new park at the south end of Solport Street as PA-2 – Park.
  4. Label the two new parks within the Carlisle Lane development as PA-2 – Park.
  5. Change the zone of the property to the East of Village Square that was accidentally labeled PA-2 – Park back to VCMU-1 – Village Core Commercial Mixed Use One.