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Council Meeting

Meeting 13/15/R

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Items of the agenda:

  • March 23rd Council Meeting Minutes
  • April 13th Council Meeting Minutes
  • April 14th Advisory Planning Commission Minutes
  • April 15th Homelessness and Affordable Housing Committee Minutes
  • Delegation regarding Smoke Free Places
  • Development Permit Report – Carlisle Lane Phase 2
  • Development Permit Report – CVRD – Waste Management Centre
  • Development Permit Referral – Coal Valley Estates
  • Development Variance Permit Referral – 2756 Derwent Ave
  • Organics Composting Pilot Project
  • Highway Entrance Sign Report
  • Hancock Timber Road Access Management Report
  • Thunderballs Practice Run – Temporary Road Closure
  • 2015 Corporate Strategic Priorities
  • Council Remuneration Review
  • Financial Performance Report – First Quarter
  • Outstanding Action Items Report
  • Electronic Funds and Cheque Register Report
  • 2015-2019 Financial Plan Bylaw No. 1017, 2015
  • 2015 Property Tax Rates Bylaw No. 1018, 2015
  • Sidewalk Café Bylaw No. 1019, 2015