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Perseverance Creek Streamkeepers dry weather fish rescue

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As the dry summer weather continues in the Comox Valley, water levels gradually decrease in our local rivers and creeks. As water levels drop, isolated pools can form, which may contain small fish or salmon fry. If these pools become too warm or too shallow, fish mortalities can occur.

The Perseverance Creek Streamkeepers Society carries out fish rescue on an “as-needed” basis throughout the watershed every spring and summer. PC Streamkeepers work closely with DFO and have the training and equipment to ensure safe capture and transport. The fish need special handling so rescues should not be attempted without aeration equipment.

If you live on or near the creek, or happen to come across isolated pools which are no longer connected to the main channel and contain concentrations of fish, please contact Hamish Murray or Linda Safford.

Hamish: phone 250-336-2581 or email

Linda: phone 250 336 8429 or email at

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