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Preliminary Election Results for the 2014 General Local Election

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Preliminary Election Results – November 15, 2014

These preliminary results are based on the ballot accounts prepared at the voting place and are subject to determination of official election results by the Chief Election Officer.

Office of Councillor – Four to be elected

Sproule, Gwyn: 703 votes

Ketler, Jesse Anne: 609 votes

Kishi, Roger: 555 votes

Sullivan, Sean: 538 votes

Albert, Roger: 521 votes

Walton, Michael: 500 votes

Royer, Steven Raymond Gilles: 290 votes

Failler, Colin: 116 votes

Comox Valley Regional District, Opinion Question:

How much annual property tax would you be willing to pay to reduce homelessness?

  • $0: 218 votes
  • Up to $5 per year (for a home that is assessed at $300,000): 243 votes
  • up to $10 per year (for a home that is assessed at $300,000): 514 votes

Office of Mayor – Elected by Acclamation

Baird, Leslie

School Trustee – Elected by Acclamation

Brown, Vickey

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