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Sanitary Sewer Rates Bylaw

This page was last reviewed on March 22, 2019.

Consolidated for convenience January 2018.

Bylaw No. 862

A Bylaw to Regulate the Rates, Terms, and Conditions for the Use of the Sanitary Sewer System.

WHEREAS under Section 8 of the Community Charter, the Council may by bylaw regulate, prohibit and impose requirements in relation to municipal services;

AND WHEREAS it is deemed advisable that the Village of Cumberland shall establish and operate a system of collection and treatment of sewage;

NOW THEREFORE, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the Village of Cumberland, in open meeting assembled, enacts as follows:


1) There shall be charged against the owner or occupier of land or real property, where a sanitary sewer connection has been installed to the property, and where plumbing has been installed on the premises and is connected to the Village sewer system utility, sanitary sewer rate charges as set forth in Schedule “A” of this bylaw.

2) All rates shall be effective as of the date shown on Schedule “A” of this bylaw.


Where multiple users of multiple classifications of uses exist in what is commonly referred to as common connection line, the individual rates as defined in Schedule “A” of this bylaw shall be applicable whether or not an independent sanitary sewer service has been installed to the property.


1) Effective January 1, 2014, charges imposed by this bylaw will be billed quarterly and are due and payable on receipt to the Corporation of the Village of Cumberland. Failure to receive an invoice will not be accepted as a reason for non-payment of the required charge.

[Bylaw 993]

2) Effective January 1, 2014, invoicing for new connections will commence the month an occupancy permit has been issued and will be prorated for the duration of the remaining quarter.

[Bylaw 993]


1) Effective January 1, 2014, a 10% penalty shall be added to all charges set out in Schedule “A” which are not paid prior to 30 days from each billing date.

[Bylaw 993]

2) All outstanding balances after December 31st will be transferred to taxes as arrears.


Bylaw No. 715 cited as the “Corporation of the Village of Cumberland Sanitary Sewer Rates Bylaw No. 715, 1997” is hereby repealed in its entirety.


This Bylaw may be cited for all purposes as the “Corporation of the Village of Cumberland Sanitary Sewer Rates Bylaw No. 862, 2007”.

Schedule “A” [Bylaw 1094]

Sanitary Sewer Rates

Use of Land or Real Property Sanitary Sewer Rate Charge

Effective January 1, 2018

Sanitary Sewer Rate Charge

Effective January 1, 2019

1 For each residential unit: $96.60 per quarter $102.75 per quarter
2 For a motel, hotel, or non-profit seniors’ housing (per room/unit): $55.00 per quarter $60.25 per quarter
3 For a lodging house or hostel (per bed): $25.00 per quarter $27.50 per quarter
4 For a school (per classroom): $73.00 per quarter $80.25 per quarter
5 For a church or a recreation hall: $82.00 per quarter $90.00 per quarter
6 For a medical clinic: $238.00 per quarter $261.25 per quarter
7 For a restaurant, pub, or bar: $230.00 per quarter $252.25 per quarter
8 For a coffee shop or take out: $81.00 per quarter $88.75 per quarter
9 For a business, store, or office (per suite): $81.00 per quarter $88.75 per quarter
10 For a beauty parlour, medical office, or veterinarian (per suite): $100.00 per quarter $109.75 per quarter
11 For a laundromat: $325.00 per quarter $356.75 per quarter
12 For a service station: $98.00 per quarter $107.50 per quarter
13 For a car wash: $325.00 per quarter $356.75 per quarter
14 For regional hospital laundry: $8430.00 per quarter $9250.50 per quarter
15 For any use not identified in this table (per washroom): $82.00 per quarter $90.00 per quarter
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