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Street Lights

This page was last reviewed on December 2, 2021.

Reporting Outages

Please report burnt-out street light to the Village office by phone at 250-336-2291 or by email to Burnt-out bulbs are now being replaced by energy efficient LED bulbs, which may seem brighter.

Please include either the civic address closest to the pole or the BC Hydro pole tag number with your request.

LED Street Light Replacement Program

BC Hydro’s LED Street Light Replacement Program is starting in December 2021 and contunuing into 2022 to replace all 263 BC Hydro pole mounted street lights in the Village in order to be compliant with environmental PCB regulations and for energy efficiency.

Wattage of these new LED lights will be based on light location with lower wattages (39W) for residential areas and higher wattage lights (75W) for collector roads.

Cumberland Council has chosen the dark sky compliant 3000K warm colour temperature LED option for both residential and commercial/industrial areas in the Village. This was the option recommended for residential and environmentally sensitive areas.

The conversion of all 263 BC Hydro lights in the Village is expected to be completed by 2023.

Find out more about BC Hydro’s Street Light Replacement Program.

Types of Lights in Cumberland

All street lights on metal poles are the responsibility of the Village while leased street lights on wooden poles are owned and maintained by BC Hydro.

LED street lights are now being required for new development within the community.

Requests for New Street Lights

All requests for new streetlights should be accompanied with a petition from the area residents supporting the installation. Installation of a streetlight can be controversial because while some residents want the light, others find the additional light intrusive.

Streetlight requests are processed once a year to better prioritize the various requests and to ensure there is ongoing funding to support this service increase. In assessing requests, priority will be based on a number of factors including public and roadway safety, and that funding is available to support ongoing electrical costs. Budget limitation determines the number of new streetlights that may be added to the existing roadway system each year in older areas of Cumberland. The additional streetlights are restricted to locations where an existing BC Hydro power pole exists. In rural areas, streetlights are generally limited to intersections, curves and cul-de-sacs.

To request a new street light, print the New Street Light Request form, have all neighbours within 30 m of the proposed location sign the form and submit to the Village Office.

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