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Village Budget Open House February 19, 2018 at 7 pm

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Join Council members and staff at the February 19th Village Hall and open house at 7 pm. You can find out about Council’s proposed priorities for the Village, the proposed five year budget, and how your property tax dollars may be spent over the next five years.

View details of the Five Year Financial Plan and Council’s proposed strategic priorities in the meeting agenda.

Submit your comments to Council at the February 19, 2018 Village Hall meeting, or by February 20, 2018 by email to the Village office or by printing the Comment Form and returning it to the Village office.

Highlights of the proposed five year financial plan

2018 Capital Projects:

  • Sutton Road bike lane and pedestrian corridor
  • Completion of Cumberland Road reconstruction in 2018
  • Ultra violet treatment of Cumberland water supply
  • design of seismic upgrades to No.2 dam
  • Egremont Road from Windermere to Ulverston: road reconstruction and storm drain
  • Lane south of Maryport from Egremont to Silecroft: water, sewer, storm drainage
  • Allen Avenue from Fifth to Sixth Street: road, water, storm drainage
  • new fire engine
  • detailed design of new Fire Hall on Cumberland Road
  • new public works yard land purchase
  • cemetery shoring cage
  • No. 6 Mine Heritage Park playground equipment
  • Two and a Juice trail repairs
  • Peace Park ground improvements
  • Village Park family area furniture and landscaping project (over two years)
  • Village spray park resurfacing
  • Skatepark washroom facilities
  • Lake Park washroom, shower and concession building project
  • boat launch toilet
  • heat pump replacement for Museum building
  • inflatable obstacle course for Recreation
  • new chairs and tables for Recreation (over three years)

2019 Capital Projects:

  • Windermere Avenue from First and Second: sidewalk and boulevard improvements
  • Derwent Avenue from Fifth to Sixth Street: road and storm drainage
  • Sixth Street from Derwent to Allen Avenue: sewer, storm drainage
  • Lane south of Dunsmuir from Fifth to Sixth: sewer
  • First Street from Maryport to Ulverston: water, storm drainage
  • Lane south of Ulverston Avenue from Third to Fourth: sewer, storm drainage
  • Sewer Treatment Plant (project to be confirmed by Council)
  • trail bridge replacement at Village Park behind BMX track

2020 Capital Projects:

  • Royston Road Ulverston to Union Road: water service
  • Maryport Avenue from Third to Fourth: road and storm drainage
  • Maryport Avenue from Egremont to Silecroft: water, sewer, storm drainage
  • construction of new fire hall on Cumberland Road
  • Village Park Centennial building project

2021 Capital Projects:

  • Lane south of Windermere Avenue from First to Fifth Street: sewer and storm drainage
  • Fourth Street from Dunsmuir to Keswick: water
  • Fifth Street from Allen to Derwent: road
  • Ambleside Avenue from First to Second: road, water, sewer and storm drainage

Other Highlights:

  • increase the Managed Forest assessment class ratio to 5:1 for 2018.
  • increase the Light Industrial assessment class ratio to 3:1 for 2018.
  • to explore grant opportunities and partnerships for free or subsidized recreation programs for adults and seniors.
  • Use of $47,000 from the Parkland Acquisition Reserve Fund towards the purchase of additional parcels of land for the Cumberland Community Forest in 2018.
  • donate $1,000 from Host Community Amenity funds to the Kumugwe Society for the Potlach 67-67 art showcase.
  • approve $25,000 in funding toward the CVRD engineering design study for a bridge across the Inland Island Highway and that the Village not commit to any further funding for the project at this time.
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