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Water Leak Adjustment

This page was last reviewed on July 22, 2019.

Under the Village of Cumberland Bylaw No. 1002, an application for an adjustment can be made for leaks resulting from a break in the water service line.

The Water Service Line Leak Adjustment Application must be received within 45 days of the billing date showing the abnormal water consumption. If an adjustment is approved, an adjustment based on Section 19 of Bylaw No. 1002 will be made less an administration fee of $20.00 and the penalty period will coincide with the 45 day adjustment period.

All repair receipts must be included with this application before your account will be reviewed. If the repairs were done by someone other than a plumber, receipts of materials purchased and/or equipment rented and pictures (before/after repairs) are required. Section 17 of Bylaw No. 1002 authorizes the Manager of Operations to have the repair inspected.

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