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Access Awareness Day is June 2, 2018!

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Access Awareness Day provides each of us with an opportunity to look at our communities and to think about what we can do to make them more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

The Village recognizes the efforts of individuals and Cumberland’s own Accessibility Committee who are actively removing barriers to give people of all abilities a better chance to succeed.

Successes in Cumberland include

  • creation and distribution of a Guide to Inclusion & Accessibility for Businesses
  • creation of a pedestrian corridor along Dunsmuir Avenue by moving Village bicycle racks to the outside of the sidewalk and encouraging businesses to place sandwich board signs close to the curb
  • Village Park family area pathways, new picnic table, and improved entrance way through fall and winter 2017
  • new accessible parking spots on Sixth Street next to the playground and spray park
  • sidewalk curb drop downs installed through Dunsmuir Avenue reconstruction in 2016 and 2017
  • sidewalk extension in Village Square to accessible picnic table
  • retrofitting Village office washroom for accessibility
  • renovations to Cumberland Council Chambers washroom and entrance ramp and door
  • completion of the 2016 Facility and Infrastructure Accessibility Review

Budgeted for 2018 and future:

  • renovations to Cumberland Recreation gym washrooms
  • designation of new accessible parking spaces in the Village core
  • improvements to the accessible parking space in front of the Fire Hall and Village office

Find out more about accessibility in Cumberland, the 2016 Facility and Infrastructure Accessibility Review, and accessibility requirements through development permits (Part D) in the Official Community Plan.

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