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Accessibility Select Committee

This page was last reviewed on July 13, 2018.

Accessibility and Inclusion Resources

Cumberland Guide to Inclusion & Accessibility for Businesses

Outreach & Guidance for Businesses, Appendix to Cumberland Facility and Infrastructure Accessibility Review

Key Accessibility Standards, Appendix to Cumberland Facility and Infrastructure Accessibility Review

SAFERhome Standards: A non-profit, public interest organization, encouraging a safer home environment and a better standard of living for all people through its certified building standards.

Social Planning and Research Council of BC (SPARC BC)

Community Futures Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program: A business loans program that reduces the obstacles that people with disabilities or ongoing health issues may face when looking for financing.

Rick Hansen Foundation: We develop programs and initiatives that raise awareness, change attitudes and remove barriers for people with disabilities in the built environment.

Cumberland Facility and Infrastructure Accessibility Review, December 2016.

Accessibility Committee

The Committee is a select committee of Council tasked with making recommendations to Council on

  • A strategy to encourage and support owners of existing public and commercial buildings in making accessibility improvements.
  • Review of community event manual with recommendations to make events more accessible; and outreach with special event coordinators.
  • Consult with emergency planning staff on accessibility.
  • Explore and investigate accessible tourism, and parks and trails mapping.
  • Make recommendations to Council on BC Accessibility 2024 opportunities.
  • Matters referred to it by Council.

The Committee may also make recommendation to Village staff on Village facilities, service provision, and other matters upon request. View the Committee’s complete terms of reference.

2018 Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held at 6:30 pm in Council Chambers, 2675 Dunsmuir Avenue, next to the Fire Hall.

January 15
February 19 rescheduled to February 20
March 19
April 16
May 22 (Tuesday) – cancelled
June 18
September 24 September 17
October 15
November 19

View meeting agendas and minutes.


Laurel Rankin, chair
Trond Halle
Brenda Lenahan
Jaye Mathieu
Judy Norbury
Cindy Patterson
Councillor Sean Sullivan

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