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Adverse Weather Disruptions to Waste Collection Service

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Regular collection day has been cancelled due to weather.

Winter weather and unsafe driving conditions have effected curbside waste and organics collection within the Village of Cumberland.

Safety is the priority for the collection contractor. Slippery roads can be unsafe for large collection vehicles, putting collection staff and other road users at risk.

The following procedure applies:

  • Take your waste material in from the curb, this will help to deter pests and allow proper road clearing maintenance by Village snow removal equipment. We recognize that this is an inconvenience, however it is important to store your solid waste in a secure location overnight as there are still bears active in Cumberland.
  • Have your material back at the curb by 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. Collection staff will attempt to pick up the missed material in the two days following the missed collection.
  • If road conditions continue to prevent collection on the subsequent three (3) days, the missed material will be collected on the next corresponding collection day.
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