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Bears and Garbage

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The warmer spring weather is a reminder that it’s important to make sure that our solid waste and other bear attractants are stored securely.

Keeping bears away from your solid waste and other attractants will help prevent bears from becoming food-habituated and destroyed. Once a bear gets a taste of food waste it will routinely return in search of food. Your solid waste must be stored in a secure structure until collection day.

From the Solid Waste Bylaw:

Every owner of a premises… must store all garbage, organics and recyclable materials in an animal-proof location or in an animal-resistant container until the scheduled collection day.

Cumberland is committed to preventing bears from being destroyed.

You will receive a $100 fine for not storing your solid waste in a secure location and a $200 fine for putting out your solid waste before collection day.

Find out more about managing your bear attractants to help prevent bears from being destroyed.

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