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Cemetery Grounds Maintenance Update

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Mowing at the three Cumberland cemeteries is scheduled to begin on Wednesday June 12th. We appreciate residents’ patience and understanding as staff worked through the month of May on cemetery irrigation system repairs, garden bed, and tree maintenance.

Some of the field areas of the cemeteries are intentionally left with longer grass to help improve the humus and health of the soil, and retain soil moisture, while also providing habitat for nesting kildeer and northern alligator lizards.

Village staff know the importance of regular cemetery maintenance for Cumberland families and will be making best efforts through the rest of the season. As the frequency is mowing is dependent on weather conditions, a schedule for mowing for the remainder of the season has not yet been set.

The Village always welcomes feedback on cemetery services, and residents and families of those interred are encouraged to reach out to the Village by phone at 250-336-2291 and by email to

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