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Coal Valley Estates Water Booster Station Under Construction at CRI Parking Lot

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Work is underway at the parking lot next to the Cumberland Recreation Centre (CRI) to build a booster station to provide adequate water pressures in the municipal system to serve development in Coal Valley Estates subdivision.

The domestic water pressure is required to maintain minimum pressure during peak flow conditions required by the Village’s subdivision standards. The pressure created by this booster station will also adequately address required pressures for future multifamily and commercial development in the subdivision.

The use of the CRI parking lot has created the opportunity to provide additional public amenities as part of the booster station construction, including washrooms and a bike wash station. This work is being undertaken and funded by the developer and no taxpayers dollars are involved in the project. Maintenance, operating and upkeep of the booster station, washrooms and the bike wash station will be the responsibility of the Village.

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