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Construction on First Street, Maryport and Ambleside Avenues

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Thank you for your patience with the recent construction work impacting First Street, between Penrith and Dunsmuir Avenues. Knappett crews are finishing up on the last remaining clean up and boulevard work. Now that the driveway and lane access letdowns have cured, they will be reopened on Thursday June 13th marking the end of detour route to the Cultural Centre.

Line painting and road markings are scheduled to take place Thursday June 13 in the afternoon/early this evening along the blocks of Maryport Ave (Egremont to Silecroft), Silecroft Road (Maryport to Beaufort), Ambleside Ave (First to Second), and First Street (Penrith to Dunsmuir) which will mark the end of construction!

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