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Cumberland Launches Community Engagement Process for Recreation, Arts and Culture Plan

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The Village of Cumberland is launching a public and stakeholder engagement process as part of the community’s ongoing development of a Recreation, Arts and Culture Master Plan. In recognizing the recent growth in the community, the aging status of Village-owned recreation and culture facilities, and the impact of COVID-19 on the recreation, arts and cultural community, the Plan will guide the Village’s strategic delivery of recreation and cultural services over a 10-year horizon.

Community engagement for the Project will begin with a public open house at Buchanan Hall, lower level of the Village’s Cultural Centre, on Wednesday March 16, 3:00pm to 6:00pm.
“We are very excited to get this process underway,” said Mayor Leslie Baird. “We have learned over the last couple of years in dealing with COVID-19, just how important recreation, arts, and culture are to our community identity and well-being. This process will help the Village better support these community values and provide a vital information on the types of services and infrastructure needed for our growing community.”

The public information session will be held both indoors and outdoors to ensure public comfort and safety by providing much needed input to the Project. Village staff will be available to provide info on the Project and provide guidance on how the community can best engage the Project.

The event will look to facilitate early engagement and conversation about the types of indoor and outdoor spaces in demand by the community, as well as to inform future decision making with respect to how the Village supports and provides recreation, arts and cultural services in the community. The public information session will also include the launch of a survey aimed to understand and identify what potential barriers, opportunities, and priorities exist for the public in accessing and utilizing recreation, arts and culture services in the community.

The survey will be launched on March 14 and will be open for community input until April 11, 2022. Engagement with community stakeholders, including recreation, arts and culture producers, service providers, and key community organizations is also included within the Project’s community engagement process.

Information on the Recreation, Arts and Culture Plan process, including the upcoming public and stakeholder engagement process can be found at:

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