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Deadline for Community Grants Applications – Mon Feb 28/22

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Grant applications are now being accepted from community organizations that provide social, cultural, recreational and environmental services that benefit the residents of Cumberland.

In 2022 there are two streams available – click on the link for each program to find out more:

  • COVID-19 Restart Grant Program for operational funding for services impacted by COVID-19. Funds must be utilized by October 1, 2022. Funding can be utilized for operating and/or project means if they provide the needed support for organizations to address/adapt to COVID related challenges. Applications will only be accepted for:(a) a one-time special community focused project or service offering currently being impacted by COVID-19
    (b) seed operating funding to assist with initial operations and establishing revenue sources for a community project or service that is currently being impacted by COVID 19.
  • Community Grant Program for one-time projects or seed funding for community services. Applications will be accepted for a minimum of $2000. The 2022 Community Grant Program budget is $10,000.

The application deadline for both programs is Monday, February 28, 2022.

Grants for Businesses

Businesses in B.C. can apply for the COVID-19 Closure Relief Grant, a new program the Province has fast tracked to support businesses ordered to temporarily close due to recent public health measures.

Assistance with applications to this program is available from the Village’s Economic Development Officer.

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