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FireSmart Your Home

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You can help reduce the impacts of wildfire on your home by reducing surface fuels in your yard.

Your priorities should include

  • moving any combustible material at least 10 metres away from your home; this includes firewood piles, and fallen braches and leaves
  • cleaning your gutters of dry needles and leaves
  • pruning tree branches within 2 meters of the ground
  • not using bark mulch within 10 metres of your home
  • removing any highly flammable plants and landscaping from within 10 metres around your home, especially coniferous trees like cedar, spruce, fire and pine
  • spacing trees in your yard at least 2 metres apart

Find out more about preparing your home and yard in the BC FireSmart manual available on the “Fire Protection Services” page.

Do you have questions? Contact the Cumberland Fire Department at 250-336-2531.

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