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This page was last reviewed on December 16, 2021.

Important Information

  • Be Safe! Follow the Natural Resources Canada Consumer Fireworks Safety guidelines.
  • The safety and security of fireworks displays is the responsibility of the property owner, person conducting the display, and/or the sponsoring organization. Any and all costs for emergency response for a display shall be borne by the sponsoring organization or person conducting the display, if found negligent.

Family Fireworks (Low Hazard Class 7.2.1)

Fireworks on Private Property

A person supervising fireworks must obtain a fireworks permit from the Village at no charge. If you are not the property owner, you must include written permission from the property owner.

Apply at least two business days before the event:

Displays must not take place on the road right-of-way or any other public property.

You must present your permit to Bylaw Enforcement and RCMP upon request at the time of the fireworks display.

Fireworks on Public Property

Displays on public property, including parks, road right-of-ways, and other public spaces, may only take place with the written permission of Cumberland Council and the Fire Chief.

Display/Commercial Fireworks (High Hazard Class 7.2.2)

High hazard fireworks may only be used for religious or ceremonial purposes by a person possessing a valid Fireworks Supervisor Card issued by the Explosives Branch of Energy, Mines and Resources Canada and with the written permission of Cumberland Council and the Fire Chief.

Sale of Fireworks

The sale of fireworks is prohibited in the Village of Cumberland.

Cumberland’s Fireworks Regulation Bylaw regulates the sale, explosion and storage of fireworks. Please contact the Fire Chief at 250-336-2531 for more information.

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