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Flashing Speed Sign Vandalized Again…

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The Cumberland Road 50 km/h flashing speed light and signage was vandalized again for the second time. The sign was physically removed, base and all, and the strobe lights along with the solar panel were stolen. Each of these units’ costs approximately $2,500 but more importantly, these units collect traffic count data, and the loss of this data is disappointing. Staff will now work on finding a more permanent solution for this speed sign and strobe lights which has been greatly effective in calming traffic entering the Village along Cumberland Road.

We have since recovered the unit which was completely destroyed, although thankfully the data was able to be saved. Acts of vandalism like this greatly reduces the Village’s attempt at transportation upgrades and any other design related projects. An example of how this data would be used is to confirm the type of design for say the crosswalk enhancements at Bruce and Cumberland Road. Having an accurate idea of the size, number, and delta speed of vehicles approaching this crosswalk would help determine the kind of engineered safety devices we need to keep crossing pedestrians safe.

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