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Heritage Management Plan

This page was last reviewed on November 30, 2023.

The Cumberland Heritage Management Plan was developed in 2016, guided by the community’s own vision of its heritage and developed using input from the community.

The Plan recognized the contribution of Cumberland’s character and heritage values to the Village’s sense of place and uniqueness. The Plan emphasized the importance of recognizing and conserving all aspects of history of the place, including the natural environment, First Nations history, and the diversity of cultures present and past. An understanding of Cumberland’s heritage contributes to defining overall planning and development goals, objectives and actions, and a key goal of the plan is to embed heritage in all planning initiatives.

The Heritage Management Plan’s recommended conservation principles, actions, and tools outline what Council, staff, the Heritage Committee and citizens can do to promote the conservation of Cumberland’s heritage.

The Plan is divided into three volumes:

Volume 1: Management

A policy framework to guide heritage conservation now and into the future. It provides a step-by-step guide of strategies and actions to promote the conservation of heritage in the Village, including sections such as guiding principles, the creation of a Community Heritage Register, and ways to regulate and conserve properties considered to have heritage value.

Volume 2: Cumberland’s Heritage Inventory

Creates an updated Heritage Inventory compiling previous inventories, draft tree inventory, and both tangible and intangible features that the community identified as having heritage value. The Heritage Inventory provides a starting point for future additions to the Community Heritage Register and the facilitation of conservation of community heritage values.

Volume 3: Toolkit

A detailed description of heritage conservation tools available under Part 27 of the Local Government Act.

Heritage Resources

For more information on heritage conservation planning, the BC Heritage Branch’s Heritage Conservation: A Community Guide provides general and specific information about heritage conservation legislation in British Columbia. General parts of this guide include information on planning for heritage conservation, new terms used in the legislation, principles of heritage conservation, highlights for local government, and a reference list of other recommended reading.

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