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Heritage Management Plan

This page was last reviewed on August 7, 2019.

The Village of Cumberland Council approved a Heritage Management Plan at the December 12, 2016 Council meeting.

Heritage Management Plan Volume 1

Heritage Management Plan Volume 2

A Heritage Management Plan uses community input to create a vision and strategies for the conservation of a community’s heritage. The plan takes into account all of the features that a community thinks have heritage value. It will include a community heritage register and strategies and tools for protection and management.

Background Information on the Heritage Master Plan

In 2016, the Village developed new Heritage Management Plan for the Village, which includes an inventory of heritage values and a community heritage register.

The heritage management plan

  • provides an overarching policy framework to guide heritage conservation now and into the future
  • sets out priorities for heritage conservation activities based on the identified heritage values and sites; including a conservation plan for Village owned assets (including municipal cemeteries) and the identification of tools to be utilized for the conservation of heritage values and sites on non-municipal property within the Village
  • sets out goals and activities to reach those goals for year 1 and years 2-5

Find out more about heritage initiatives in the Village. Questions? Contact the Village planning department.

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