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Jump Park Seasonal Trail Closures Now in Effect

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The Village of Cumberland has closed the Advanced and Expert trails at the Jump Park for the winter season. With soft dirt, the trails are susceptible to damage from riding, which can lead to unsafe riding conditions. The trails are cordoned off with chain and users are requested to abide by the closures until drier weather returns in early 2018.

The Beginner and Intermediate trails remain open, as the lips and landings on these trails are less prone to damage from soft conditions. The pump track will also remain open. However, riders are requested to stay off these trails during periods of heavy rain and snow.

The Village has also constructed a tool storage shed on site. Riders interested in maintaining the jumps are requested to get in touch with Kevin McPhedran ( or 250-336-3012). Those able to demonstrate that they know how to maintain the jump trails will be given the passcode to unlock the shed and access the tools.Trail Closed for the Season

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