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Manage Your Cougar Attractants

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Cougars are wide ranging animals and may show up in the Village from time to time. If they are passing through it is important that they do not find food that may encourage them to stay.

  1. Feed your pets indoors.
  2. Keep your pets indoors, especially at night.
  3. Never feed deer or other possible prey species for cougars.
  4. Keep rodents under control. Cougars may feed on rodents, which are attracted to bird feeders.
  5. If you keep chickens or small livestock, store all your feed in a secure location and ensure feeding areas are clean and free of attractants.

Cougar Safety Tips

If you see a cougar that is watching you, maintain eye contact with the cougar and speak to it in a loud firm voice. Reinforce the fact that you are a human and not an easy target. Pick up small children and keep other children close to you. Back out of the area and seek assistance or shelter.

If attacked by a cougar, you must fight back. Use rocks, sticks or whatever you have at hand to protect yourself.

Call the Conservation Officer Service reporting line at 1-877-952-7277 to report any cougar incidents.

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