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Council Meeting

Meeting 06/16/R

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On the agenda:

  • Council and Management January 2016 Reports
  • Skateboard Park: Alternative Sites for Consideration
  • Waverley Hotel and Pub – Application for Structural Change to Liquor Primary and Liquor Primary Club Establishment – 2692 Dunsmuir Avenue
  • 2016 Lantern Festival, Temporary Road Closure
  • Special Event Street Closures in 2016
  • Atmosphere Gathering 2016, Noise Exemption
  • CVRD Emergency Program Administration Agreement
  • 2016 Corporate Strategic Priorities
  • Maple Lake Acquisition, Letter of Support
  • Resolutions to the Association of Vancouver Island Coastal Communities 2016 Conference
  • Projects Requests for Carry Forward to the 2016 Budget Year