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New walk-in campsites are coming to Cumberland Lake Park Campground

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New walk-in campsites are coming to Cumberland Lake Park Campground thanks to a grant from Island Coastal Economic Trust and an investment from the Cumberland Lake Wilderness Society.

The Cumberland Lake Wilderness Society (CLWS) project will address the closure of a number of Cumberland Lake Park campground sites due to Provincial health and safety requirements by adding new, physically distanced, walk-in sites. Six new tent pads and two new common areas with fire rings, picnic tables and a metal food cache will be situated a 20-metre walk into a forested area overlooking Comox Lake. Increasing the number of guests at the campground will also support local businesses that currently operate at the lake site, as well as other retail and food service businesses in the Village.

“This type of pilot project will help diversify and expand camping opportunities by increasing alternative revenue streams, while encouraging low-impact camping and travel methods,” says ICET Board Chair Josie Osborne. “On a larger scale, adding accommodation in Cumberland is key to ensuring the Village fully captures the additional benefits that overnight visitors can generate for the local economy.”

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