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Notice of Cumberland Community Forest Trail Project

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The Village of Cumberland is re-routing the section of Orange Peels after the final drop feature to merge with Big Log approximately 20 meters west of the existing trail intersection. The project will include decommissioning the old trail and completing restoration works at the old intersection.

The following FAQ’s provide more information on the project:

Why is this work being done?

  1. To address public safety issues at the junction of Orange Peels and Big Log by:
    • Improving sightlines for trail users on both Big Log and Orange Peels;
    • Reducing the speed of cyclists entering Big Log through changes to the trail design, and;
  1. To implement more sustainable trails through improved trail design and by restoring highly eroded and disturbed areas.

Who is responsible for managing these trails?

The Village of Cumberland is responsible for managing all trails within the Cumberland Community Forest municipal nature park. The Cumberland Community Forest park was acquired by the Village using funds raised by the Cumberland Community Forest Society, and is managed under a restrictive conservation covenant held by the Comox Valley Land Trust. The United Riders of Cumberland (UROC) provide contracted trail maintenance services to the Village in the park; UROC also has management responsibility for all trails in the Cumberland Trail Network that are on private land.

Are pedestrians allowed on Orange Peels?

All trails in the Cumberland Trail Network are currently designated multi-use. Restrictions on use and direction of travel may be considered in a future park management planning process that provides all users with an opportunity to provide input.

When will the work take place?

March 2020

Who else is involved?

The Village has partnered with the Cumberland Community Forest Society, Comox Valley Land Trust, and United Riders of Cumberland in the planning, design and execution of the project.

For more information, contact Kevin McPhedran, Parks and Outdoor Recreation Coordinator

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