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Notice of Proposed Amendment to the Council Procedure Bylaw

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The Council of the Village of Cumberland will consider adoption of “Council Procedure Amendment Bylaw, No. 1132, 2020” in order to change the ways in which a Committee of the Whole meeting may be called and a Council meeting may be cancelled, and change the matters on a meeting agenda.

Proposed amendments include:

  • that Committee of the Whole meetings be established in the annual schedule of regular council meetings, determined by Council resolution, or called by the Mayor – as is the case for special Council meetings.
  • that the agenda for a Committee of the Whole meeting be provided to members of Council and the public no later than 72 hours before the time of the meeting.
  • that section 19 of the bylaw be repealed, and the Consent Calendar be removed from the order of business. Council members receive general correspondence to the Village through its information reader, which is now distributed to Council weekly by email. Correspondence requiring action by Council will continue to be included on the agenda under Correspondence.
  • that the Closed Portion be followed by Release of Closed Portion Resolutions. Adding this section to each agenda will provide a section in the minutes to include any resolutions released to the public from the closed portion.
  • that the Mayor be authorized to cancel a regular Council meeting.

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