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Notice of Trail Projects in the Cumberland Community Forest Nature Park

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Kitty Litter Re-Alignment

To avoid a seasonally wet zone and eliminate the need for significant boardwalk upgrades, the southern 100m of Kitty Litter will be re-routed to connect with the Utility Right of Way adjacent to Davis Lake Main approximately 80m north of the existing trailhead at After School Special. The work will occur as part of a Volunteer Trails Workshop hosted by UROC and supported by the Village.

Technical Trail Feature Decommissioning

Recent technical trail feature (a.k.a. boardwalks, ladders or skinnies) inspections on Buggered Pig and Tied Knot revealed structural decay on select features. Where possible, features will be maintained and repaired; however, for public safety reasons, select TTF’s will be decommissioned.

Project Contributors and supporters:

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