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Volunteer Now for the OCP Review Local Citizens Advisory Group

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Cumberland residents are encouraged to participate on the Local Citizens Advisory Group to help review the 2004 Official Community Plan. The advice provided by the group will lead to an updated OCP for the Village. The Group will be made up of 15-25 local citizens. Its first meeting is scheduled for February 13 from 5 to 8 p.m.

The Advisory Group’s responsibilities include:

  • Communicate local and regional opinions related to the OCP vision, values and objectives; participatory land use planning; process management; residential growth management; heritage preservation; economic development; and infrastructure development
  • Provide advice on the development of a draft community vision and principles for a sustainable community
  • Provide advice on the strengths and areas of improvement of the 2004 OCP
  • Identify and provide advice on policy alternatives to address improvements to the 2004 OCP
  • Recommend to Council the approval of the revised OCP

Volunteers are asked to express their interest by email to or by letter to the Village Office by 3 pm on February 1, 2013. Please include your contact information, length of residency, and any of the following areas of interest:

  • environment and climate
  • local economy
  • parks, recreation and tourism
  • local First Nations
  • land use and development
  • transportation and infrastructure
  • heritage and culture

For more information and the Local Citizens Advisory Group full terms of reference, see the PlaceSpeak website under the RESOURCES tab.

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