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Sanitary Sewer Flushing Continues

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Sewer line flushing is continuing this spring to clear out gravel, grease and any other debris in the sewer lines that can lead to blockages.

Crews are now heading into the older areas of town, and as the pressured water used to clean the pipes could backflow into the service pipes to your home, crews are using strategies in an effort to reduce backflows. However it’s important to keep your toilets flushed and toilet lids closed, especially in your basement or first floor.

You may also smell a sewer odour if the force of the flushing clears standing water from drain traps in your home. This odour may be eliminated by flushing your toilets and running water in all your drains, including any floor drains.

Please contact the Village office at 250-336-2291 if you have any question or comments.

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