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Council Considers Bylaw to Require Secure Storage of Solid Waste from Wildlife

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Council is considering an updated Solid Waste Bylaw that would require residents and businesses to store their solid waste in an animal-proof location or in animal-resistant containers until the scheduled collection day.

Creating an animal attractants/garbage bylaw is one of Council’s priorities in its draft 2014 Strategic Priorities.

From the Bear Smart Society website:

The most important way to minimize human-bear conflicts is to keep garbage away from bears. Unsecured landfills and commercial and residential garbage bins attract bears like bees to flowers. Once a bear gets a taste of human garbage – a box of stale doughnuts, say, or the leftovers from Thanksgiving supper – it will routinely approach communities and other developed areas in search of food.

Council will consider second reading of the new Solid Waste Bylaw at its meeting on March 10, 2014.

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