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Signs being installed throughout Cumberland Trail Network

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New trailhead signs will be installed throughout the Cumberland trail network beginning June 20th. The project is led by the United Riders of Cumberland with funding from the Province of BC’s Rural Dividend Fund.

Trailhead signs in the Cumberland Community Forest will follow the standards outlined in the park management plan and in the Cumberland Parks and Trails Sign manual. A small panel containing the trail name and difficulty rating will be affixed to a 4×4 cedar post. Village fonts and colours will be used on these panels.

For trails managed by UROC on private forest lands similar signs will be installed, also containing trail names and difficulty ratings. Signs will be installed at most trailheads (entrance and exit points) of trails in the network, in addition to wayfinding signs at key junctions.

The goal of the project is to improve the user experience by making navigation easier, and to inform users of the difficulty rating of trails and their location in the event of an emergency.

For more information on the project contact Nathan Kwan, UROC Trail Manager at

For information about the Cumberland Community Forest, contact Kevin McPhedran, the Village’s Parks and Outdoor Recreation Coordinator.

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