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Summer Water System Adjustment Affects Water Taste

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Each summer as water levels begin to drop in the Village’s surface reservoirs, operations staff adjust the water flows to help conserve water over the summer. This can affect how our water tastes. The water is tested weekly for bacteria and is safe to drink.

Over the past few weeks, the water flow rate from the Coal Creek well and the Cumberland Creek reservoirs was reduced, and as a result the flow from Allen Lake reservoir was increased.

To keep our drinking water supplies safe, please minimize human and pet activity around the lakes in the watershed. Please do not swim, camp or walk your dog close to any of the reservoirs, including Allen Lake, Stevens Lake, Henderson Lake, Hamilton Lake, and the No. 2 dam reservoir. This will reduce the potential for the introduction of fecal contaminants that can enter the water through storm water run off.

Find out more about Cumberland’s water system and water quality.

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