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Utility Bills Due Tuesday, August 26

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Don’t forget to pay your second quarter utility bill by Tuesday, August 26 to avoid a 10% penalty.

The Village accepts cash, cheque or debit and payments made online or in person at participating financial institutions.

Participating financial institutions are:

First Credit Union

Royal Bank of Canada


National Bank

Credit Unions*

TD Bank

Bank of Montreal

Please check with your credit union to confirm if it offers this service.

Please enquire with your financial institution if it does not appear on this list.

Paying Utility Bills through Online Banking
Setting up as a new payee, search the word “Cumberland” then choose Village of Cumberland Utilities or Cumberland (Village of) Utilities. Your account number is located in the top right hand corner of your utility bill which is an eleven digit number. Please enter all eleven digits excluding the decimal.

Your next utility bill will be issued in October for the July/August/September billing period and water will be based on consumption for this billing period. Find out more about consumption-based water billing.

View the 2014 2nd Quarter Utility Bill Insert.

Find our more about water and sewer collection rates, and the solid waste collection rates.

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