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View and Report Wildlife Sightings on the WildsafeBC WARP Website

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WildSafeBC’s Wildlife Alert Reporting Program (WARP) displays human-wildlife conflict as well as wildlife sightings in Cumberland and throughout the province of British Columbia. This program allows you to view and report wildlife in your area. Each different colored animal icon represents a different wildlife attractant. By clicking on each animal icon, the information about that animal encounter will be displayed on the screen.

View the WARP website at Wildsafe BC. Zoom or scroll in with your mouse on the map to find Cumberland.

You can also create an account on WARP to receive”wildlife alerts” by email when there is wildlife in a radius set by the account owner. By selecting the appropriate city and desired date range, wildlife sightings in that area will be displayed.

Be sure to report all human-wildlife conflict where public safety is at risk to the Conservation Officer Service RAPP hotline through calling 1-877-952-7277 (RAPP) or #7277 on the TELUS Mobility Network.

For information on how to reduce human-wildlife conflict with wildlife in the community visit Wildsafe BC.

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