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Village Park Douglas Fir Restoration Project

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A restoration initiative has kicked off to save and enhance the mature Douglas-fir trees in the northeast corner of Village Park.

These iconic trees are stressed and several are in full decline, likely due to soil compaction and drier summers. In recent years several trees have had to be cut down to mitigate potential safety hazards, with likely more requiring removal or modification in the near future.

The restoration aims to decrease soil compaction and increase moisture retention through the hottest times of the year. To achieve this the Village will bring in soil and wood chip, aerate areas around the trees, and eventually plant new trees and shrub species to add diversity and replace lost trees. Village staff and contractors may be working in this area intermittently over the next several seasons. Please respect their efforts by staying clear while they are working. A special thanks to the local arborist contractors that are donating wood chip to this project.

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