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Village Seeking Input on Draft Coal Creek Historic Park Masterplan

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The primary purpose of the master plan is to develop a publicly supported plan that will provide guiding statements and recommendations for the long-term management of the park’s natural, historical, cultural and recreational features. The master plan does not contain detailed deisgn and construction plans. These detailed plans would be developed based on the master plan, priorities and budget considerations.

The draft master plan is available for review and comment: Draft Coal Creek Historic Park Plan – For Comment

To provide comments, please email:

Of important note and consideration is the convenant on the property, which states that the lands only be used as “Chinese and Japanese communities areas and as econological preservation areas”. In light of these restrictions, the plan has been drafted to reflect the need for balanced park management; ensuring that desired community uses of the park for recreation reflect and enhance the legacy of the land left by the Chinese and Japanese communities. This subject has been a focus of maaster plan consultations with the Coal Creek Historical Park Advisory Comittee to date.

Please note that the master plan, while citing the important issue of the private residences within the park, has not provided specific recommendations. A separate report will be presented to Council regarding issues and options for consideration.

Next Steps

The Coal Creek Advisory Committee met and reviewed the draft plan at their May 27th meeting. The Heritage Commission will also be reviewing the draft plan at their next meeting.

The Draft Coal Creek Historic Park Plan – For Comment is a primary agenda item for the June 2, 2014 Village Hall at Council Chambers 2675 Dunsmuir Avenue. Find more information about the Village Hall meeting here.

There will also be a Open House on June 18 from 5:30pm – 7pm at Council Chambers 2675 Dunsmuir Avenue regarding the Draft Coal Creek Historic Park Plan – For Comment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the village: 250 336-2291

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