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Village to Apply for $412,500 Grant for Village Park Project

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Cumberland Council has approved an application to Western Economic Diversification Canada: Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Grant Program for $412,500 in funding to complete the Village Park Skateboard, Tennis, and Basketball Facility Project, being the complete build out of all facilities – skateboard park, and basketball and tennis courts – in one phase, and commit to covering any shortfalls in the Village’s 2016 budget to meet matching-funding program requirements, up to $127,500.

In late winter and early spring of 2015, geotechnical and environmental soils site analysis was completed confirming unconsolidated fills and soil contamination under the site. This site analysis shows that the upper 2 metres of soil is highly variable and the geotechnically preferred approach to side preparation is to remove these fills, increasing costs of the project significantly. Contaminates found in the site do not meet the criteria to be defined as hazardous waste or a current risk to public health and safety.

The total cost of the complete build of the project in one phase is now estimated at $885,000.

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