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Cumberland to Continue Operation of Village Water System

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After receipt of an updated Long Term Water Supply Strategy at its meeting on June 13, 2016, Village Council has confirmed its intention to continue operating the existing Village surface and well water supply system.

The update of the Long Term Water Supply Strategy included an assessment of the ability of water supply source(s) to meet projected future water demands. Items reviewed included:

  • Existing water licences
  • Surface supply capacity (existing vs licences)
  • Groundwater (existing well capacity)
  • Groundwater potential (aquifer capability)
  • Regional water system
  • K’omoks First Nation water licences
  • Government approvals and timelines

Council has directed staff to begin the planning and design of the upgrades to the water treatment, storage, and distribution infrastructure for the existing Village surface water and well water supply system required in the immediate future, including financing options for these works.

View the updated Long Term Water Supply Strategy and information on the Village’s water system.

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