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Watch for the OCP Roving Kiosk in the Village on Wednesday, April 10th

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On Wednesday, April 10th the OCP Roving Kiosk will be located at

  • the Post Office in the morning,
  • Tarbell’s Deli in the afternoon, and
  • the Waverly Hotel in the late afternoon and evening.

This is another opportunity to give your input on the official community plan. The bylaw is the community’s statement of objectives and policies to guide planning and land use management decisions.

The Roving Kiosk will give you a chance to comment on how you see the future of Cumberland in these areas:

  1. Participatory Planning
  2. Process Management
  3. Growth Management
  4. Heritage Preservation
  5. Environmental Preservation
  6. Economic Development
  7. Infrastructure Development

If you don’t get a chance to stop at the Roving Kiosk, take the Stage 2 Policy Alternatives Survey before April 15th.

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