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Watch Out For Summer Fire Hazards

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So far in 2017, Cumberland residents have been doing an excellent job with fire prevention. However, the weather continues to be warm and dry, and it is important to pay close attention to fire hazards.

These hazards include:

  • Discarded cigarettes can ignite vegetation and structures, including wooden decks. Ensure you have a safe place to smoke and extinguish cigarette butts completely.
  • Machinery, including quads and lawnmowers, often have hot exhaust. These should be allowed to cool completely before placed/parked near flammable material, including grass.
  • Vehicles and trailers may have hot wheel bearings or catalytic converters. Avoid parking in brush or high grass.
  • Appliances with open flames such as gas barbecues may still be permitted during a fire ban. However, they still radiate heat and are a fire hazard.

For more information about fire hazards, view our Fire Safety in the Summer page.

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