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Cumberland’s Water Analysis is Online

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Cumberland’s water is treated with chlorination which kills viruses and keeps the water free of harmful bacteria and some other pathogenic organisms. The water is tested regularly by Village staff at six sites located throughout Cumberland and Royston and results are submitted to Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA).

Residents can view Cumberland’s complete water analysis sample results as well as total coliform bacteria and E. coli monitoring on the Vancouver Island Health Authority web page.

The Village is proposing to install a second treatment method, ultraviolet disinfection treatment, in addition to chlorination in 2015. Chlorine is most effective when combined with a second type of disinfection. For this water treatment improvement and dam stability projects taking place over the next few years, each residential utility rate payer (only those connected to the water system) will pay approximately $79 per year over 20 years to repay the debt borrowed.

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