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Advance Voting Opportunities for the Local General Election

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Qualified electors are welcome to vote at advance voting opportunities on

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 and Saturday, October 13, 2018
8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Cumberland Council Chambers
2675 Dunsmuir Avenue – beside the Fire Hall at First Street

How do I qualify as an voter if I live in Cumberland?

Voter registration takes place at the time of voting at the voting place. To vote you must be

  • 18 years of age or older on general voting day of the election; and
  • a Canadian citizen; and
  • a resident of British Columbia for at least 6 months immediately before the day of registration; and
  • a resident of the Village of Cumberland for at least 30 days immediately before the day of registration; and
  • not disqualified under the Local Government Act or any other enactment from voting in an election or assent voting and not otherwise disqualified by law.

If you are not a resident, but own property in Cumberland you may be eligible to vote. Find out more here or call the Chief Election Officer at 250-336-3005.

What identification do I need to vote?

To vote on voting day, you must bring two pieces of identification to the voting place.Your identification must provide evidence of your identity and place of residence, at least one of which must contain your signature. Acceptable identification includes

  • a BC Driver’s Licence,
  • a BC identification card
  • a photo BC services card
  • a non-photo BC services card
  • an Owner’s Certificate of Insurance and Vehicle Licence issued byICBC
  • a British Columbia CareCard or British Columbia Gold CareCard,
  • a Ministry of Social Development and Economic Security Request for Continued Assistance Form SDES8,
  • a Social Insurance Number card
  • a Citizenship Card issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada,
  • a real property tax notice
  • a credit card or debit card issued by a savings institution
  • a utility bill issued for the supply of electricity, natural gas, water, telephone services or coaxial cable services by
    • a public utility
    • a gas utility
    • a water utility
    • BC Hydro, or
    • a corporation licensed by the CRTC.

Accessibility at the Voting Place

The Cumberland Council Chambers has a ramp to the door and an automatic door. There is a reserved accessible parking space in front of the fire hall.

If you are are unable to enter the voting place due to a physical disability or impaired mobility, we can accommodate you by bringing a ballot to you at a location near the voting place, e.g. to a vehicle outside the voting place.

You can call the chief election officer at 250-336-3005 for more information or to make arrangement in advance. On voting day, you can have someone make the request to the presiding election official at the voting place.

Find out more about the local general election.

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