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Air Quality in Cumberland

This page was last reviewed on March 11, 2021.

If you use a woodstove to heat your home it’s important to only burn clean, dry firewood to help reduce wood smoke pollution in the fall and winter months.

The effects of wood smoke is made worse in the Comox Valley due to cold season inversions, which trap air in the Valley for extended periods. Small particulate pollution from wood smoke has health impacts even at very low concentrations as the small size of the particulate enables it to enter the human bloodstream.

Disposal of Yard Waste

In 2017, the Village prohibited yard waste fires and some land-clearing fires (municipalities do not have jurisdiction over private managed forest land operations). Residents are encouraged to use the weekly curbside organics collection service to dispose of yard waste.

Burn Smart Tips

Find out how to burn smarter and reduce wood smoke pollution from the BC Lung Association.

Air Quality Advisories

Air quality advisories are sometimes issued by the Ministry of Environment and Island Health. You can sign up to receive air quality advisories by email.

Woodstove Rebate Program

Cumberland homeowners can apply to the CVRD to receive rebates of $1,000 and more to exchange non-EPA certified wood stoves for cleaner burning options.

Moisture Meters

The Village of Cumberland has moisture meters that residents can borrow free of charge. Moisture meters are used to determine whether firewood is dry enough to burn. Wood must have a moisture content of 20% or less to burn.

To borrow a moisture meter, stop by the Village Office.

Air Quality Resources

For information about air quality topics, including wood smoke and health, rebates, the venting index, how to dry firewood, and how to burn in a wood stove, see:

Installation of Wood Stoves (Solid Fuel Burning Appliances)

Find more information on installing a wood stove in Cumberland.

Woodstove Burning

Improper use of woodstoves, such as burning wet wood and use of inefficient/old stoves leads to poor air quality, which has a negative effect on health.

The graph below shows the average fine particle emissions by type of heat source:

Particles 1

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