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Councillor Neil Borecky

This page was last reviewed on November 30, 2023.

Contact Information:

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  • Comox Valley Community Justice Society Board, Director
  • Vancouver Island Regional Library Board, Alternate
  • Comox Valley Coalition to End Homelessness, Alternate
  • Comox Valley Early Years Collaborative, Alternate
  • Municipal Insurance Association of BC, Alternate
  • Heritage Committee

Neil has been a resident of Cumberland since 2009 when he fell in love with the Village. Growing up in a rural environment, the return to small-town life has appealed to him greatly. He can often be found sailing on Comox Lake or back-country skiing in the mountains around the Island (depending on the season). He is happily raising his family in the middle of this island paradise.

Neil’s educational background is varied, with an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and Geography, followed by a diploma in Advanced Spatial Statistics and Geographical Information Systems from McMaster University. After several years working as a physical scientist in Integrated Pest Management with the Pacific Forestry Centre in Victoria, he obtained his M.Sc. in Biology from the University of Victoria.

Neil has worked in private industry in the environmental field doing a wide variety of tasks ranging from coastal mapping of marine sediments and biology to GIS capacity building for First Nations. His research has taken him from BC’s Interior and up the coast to the Bering Sea.

15 years ago, he started his career in local government laying the foundations for their GIS systems in Campbell River. He joined the City of Courtenay in this role 10 years ago, and has since become the Information Technology Manager for that City. This time in local government has given him insight into the workings on both sides of staff and council and he hopes to bring this experience to his role within the Village of Cumberland.

He has also been passionate about his time within the ski industry, having chaired Mount Cain Alpine Parks Society for 3 years, and as an active board member for 8 years years. He’s since retired from that role and is very content to focus on the safety and camaraderie of the volunteer Ski Patrol.

Prior to being elected to Council, he sat on the Advisory Planning Commission for the village for 2 years.

With his welcoming wife Cara and family, he prides himself on being both approachable and easily found in his yard located in the middle of the village. He expects to see you on the Garden Tour next year.

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