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Council’s 2017 Strategic Priorities

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Council has developed its proposed 2017 strategic priorities and is now seeking community input.

The proposed priorities will be included for discussion at the Village Hall meeting scheduled for Monday, April 3, 2017 at 7 p.m. You can also give your input to Council by email to the Village.

Council has long-term (ten years), medium term (four years) and short-term (in 2017) priorities. Highlights of the proposed 2017 strategic priorities include:

  • Construct a new fire hall
  • Develop a facility replacement and upgrade plan
  • Create a road and utility rehabilitation plan
  • Develop an alley enhancement and maintenance strategy
  • Investigate the issue of wood smoke and air quality
  • Implement the Cumberland Recreation Renovation Study
  • Support tourism through parks and recreation, heritage, and environmental conservation
  • Promote active transportation
  • Investigate water conservation and grey water reuse programs
  • Explore eco-asset management
  • Establish an adequate and high quality source of water for the current and future residents of the Village
  • Develop an environmentally sustainable method of treating the liquid waste that is produced by the Village
  • Develop and implement an economic development strategy
  • Implement the Affordable Housing Implementation Framework
  • Develop a public art policy

After public feedback, the document will be brought forward at a Council meeting to consider its adoption. The document will be used to help develop Council’s 2017 five year budget.

View the full proposed 2017 strategic priorities, keep up to date on upcoming Village projects and view plans, reports and studies.

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